About the Cool Japan

Public-Private Partnership Platform

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About CJPF

With the declaration of the Cool Japan Strategy Public-Private Collaboration
Initiative by the Cool Japan Strategy Promotion Council, the Cool Japan Public-Private
Partnership Platform (CJPF) was founded in December 2015 with the goals of deepening the Cool
Japan strategy and strengthening partnerships between the public and private sectors, and across
industries, in relevant fields. Since then, numerous seminars and networking events have been
held to facilitate public-private and cross-industry partnerships and create new business

In 2021, having welcomed a new chair, the Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership
Platform set forth as an immediate new policy the intention to leverage the strengths of
Japan's culture and traditions using Japan's world-famous food and food culture as a
hub, to consider how to strengthen promotional measures and messaging through public-private
partnerships for international expansion, and to continue this promotion.

Playing a part in the Cool Japan Strategy, CJPF’s activities include
securing partnerships and cooperation from diverse stakeholders. Furthermore, by bringing
attention to food and food culture, in which the culture born of a locality’s regional
characteristics is strongly pronounced, CJPF can also illuminate the local resources and
producers of individual communities. At the same time, CJPF polishes and actively promotes this
as engaging, distinctively Japanese content, and shares success models. First, we analyze
successful cases in the food sector that were well received internationally, and present winning

In recent years international attention toward Japan's food and food culture
has continued to grow. By serving this interest while further promoting the regional foods and
food culture that help give each locality its distinctive character and lifestyle, if we can
deepen feelings of empathy toward this culture and lifestyle, localities throughout the country
will gain recognition as international travel destinations. Going forward, CJPF will continue
its activities with the aim of strengthening Japan's soft power and brand power while
growing the number of foreigners who have a love of Japan (Japan fans), and revitalizing the
country as a whole.

Cool Japan
Public-Private Partnership Platform Co-chairs

  • Minister of State for Cool Japan Strategy
    Naoki Okada

  • Chairperson and School Headmaster,
    Tsuji Culinary Institute, Tsuji Ryori Gakkan Educational Corporation
    Yoshiki TSUJI

  • Special Visiting Professor and Cyber
    Informatics Research Institute Head at Kindai University
    Takeshi NATSUNO


Future Food Design of Japan

In this era of shifting values on a global scale, such as coexistence with nature, SDGs, and
the shift to a recycling-oriented society, it is important for Japan to send a message to
the next generation with futuristic thinking and to design social and economic systems from
a new perspective. The Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform has established
"cjpf.jp," a gateway for co-creating solutions on a global scale that transcends
national borders based on "food and food culture" to create a positive impact
through the power of Japanese culture and contribute to the world shift. The first official
documentary film, "Future Food Design of Japan," will be produced as the first
step in this effort.

Navigator] Chairman, Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform
Principal, Tsuji Culinary Institute
Yoshiki Tsuji

【Music] "Oriental Journey" AUN J Classical Orchestra © Heart Tree Co.
【Video Production】 XPJP Corporation / Grid Inc.Executive producer, director, and director
Kenichi Watanabe, cinematographer, editor, and sound designer Hideaki Tsubaki, Toshihiro
Tsubaki, Shogo Idogawa, and Mika Inomata.
【Planning and Production】Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform (CJPF), Intellectual
Property Strategy Secretariat, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan

Becoming a member of the Cool Japan Public-Private
Partnership Platform

The Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform is recruiting new
If you are interested in joining, please contact us at the below number.
(New members must have recommendations from at least two current member
organizations, or a recommendation from a relevant Government of Japan agency or
related organization.)


Cabinet Office Intellectual
Property Strategy Headquarters
1-6-1,Nagata-cho,Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-8914,Japan