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  • CJPF Awards 2023 website launched

  • Submission requirements released for CJPF Awards 2023 video and project categories


In preparation for a future post-COVID-19 world following
the end of the pandemic, we are seeking out endeavors and worksg
that convey the appeal of Japan based on the “Cool Japan” approach.
Grand Prix Award winners are selected in two categories: videos and projects.

(The CJPF Awards are a merging of the former Cool Japan Video Contest and Cool Japan Matching Awards)

  • Overview of the Awards

    In anticipation of the post-COVID-19 era, we need to communicate the appeal of Japan as sustainable stories and expand communities who love Japan, focused on themes ranging from nature and culture through to industries, food and culinary culture, tourism, entertaining content, handicrafts and production, and even leading-edge digital technologies.1 Eligibility for CJPF Awards 2023 extends to videos that convey appealing aspects of Japan for overseas audiences, and to international projects that create new value and appeal of Japan for people outside of Japan.2 The Awards are held with the goal of bringing together and sharing Cool Japan knowledge, experience and accomplishments with the world as it adopts new ways of living in the post-COVID-19 era, in order to promote expanded inter-field and -industry matching and drive further Cool Japan efforts.

    1 Sources: Cool Japan Strategy (CJ Strategy; established in June 2019); “Re-envisioned Cool Japan Strategy” (finalized in July 2021) within the Intellectual Property Creation Promotion Plan 2021; “Cool Japan Relaunch in Anticipation of the Post-COVID-19 World” (finalized in June 2022) within the Intellectual Property Creation Promotion Plan 2022.
    2 The Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform (CJPF) was established in December 2015 as a means of strengthening collaborations between government, the private sector, and various industries, with the goals of deepening the CJ Strategy and facilitating unified public–private efforts in Cool Japan projects. Currently, content makers, producers of food products, and various other private-sector companies are members of the CJPF, and efforts are being undertaken to create new value and refine existing appeal points through matching services between member companies and Cool Japan officials. During the June 2021 general meeting of CJPF members, a decision was made to focus current endeavors primarily on food and culinary culture among the many Cool Japan topics addressed.

  • Submissions

    During the CJPF Awards 2023, awards will be given out in the video and project categories. The video category includes videos that tell the story of a region(s) in Japan in terms of its natural attractions, culture, industries, food and culinary culture, tourist attractions, and/or other aspects in order to convey the appeal of Japan to abroad as a whole. The project category, on the other hand, concerns international projects aimed at creating new value and appeal of Japan through the use of inventive ideas by companies, cross-field and -industry matching, and/or other such means.

    Among the submissions, videos and projects deemed to best fit with or represent the Cool Japan Strategy (CJ Strategy) will be selected and awarded. Screening and selection will be carried out by the Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform Co-chairs, relevant-field experts, foreign nationals with a thoroughgoing understanding of Japan’s appeal points, and other such panelists.

    A Grand Prix Award winner will be selected for each category (usually one per category), along with Grand Prix Runner-up Award winners (usually one to two per category), and Award for Excellence winners. For the video category, a special Osaka–Kansai World Expo 2025 Award will also be given out in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Headquarters for the World Expo 2025 from the Cabinet Secretariat. All award-winners will be announced and awards presented in March 2023.


  • Inquiries Regarding the CJPF Awards

    CJPF Awards 2023 Administration Office
    Contact Persons: Kita, Nogi, Onouchi, Hasegawa, Ashikawa
    Tel: 03-5544-9713 Fax: 03-5544-9714

Organizer and Supporters

  • Organizer

    Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform (CJPF)
    The CJPF, which is administered by the Cabinet Office’s Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, was established in December 2015 to pursue the Cool Japan Strategy via collaborative efforts that bring together the public and private sectors as well as numerous industries. Currently, CJPF members include 17 government agencies and organizations, and 128 private-sector companies, organizations, institutions and individuals. All members provide support for information sharing and new business-project creation.